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Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and intelligent, especially in the hybrid working world where customer data seems more vulnerable. Attackers are hijacking organisations’ IT systems and forcing them to pay a ransom to reclaim them. The recent years and especially the last couple of months, Ireland has seen an increased number of attacks,  some recent ones in the healthcare and public sector.

Watch our webinar recording, where experts from Cisco Talos and independent cybersecurity analyst shared latest insights around the ever-evolving threat of Ransomware in a new Hybrid working world, and find out how to prepare you and your organisation to prevent, mitigate, and respond to the ever-growing threat of ransomware attacks.

Ever-evolving Threat of Ransomware: Trends, predictions, vulnerabilities and how to address them, protecting our systems and data against future attacks.
     - Martin Lee, Manager, Talos Outreach EMEA, Cisco
     - Joanne Charles, Head of Commercial, Cisco

>   Ransomware on the Rise: an independent analysis and market observations, confronting realities and predictions
    - Conor Flynn, Independent Security Analyst, ISAS

Protect Your Organisation: How Presidio can protect your organisation with Cisco cybersecurity solutions with a number of approaches, based on a combination of People, Process and Technology
    - John Ryan, Head of Cybersecurity Solutions, Presidio Europe

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