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Helping organisations modernise IT and save money with unique Device as a Service offering


78% of millennials
believe that having access to the technology
they like at work makes them more effective in their job
(Source: 'Millennials at Work' report by PwC)

72% of employees
would choose Apple devices for use at work, given the choice, according to Jamf Employee Choice survey
(Source: 'The Impact of Device Choice on the Employee Experience' by Jamf)


Whether you’re looking to change your procurement model, leverage Presidio's unique value added services, or you want to implement an entire suite of unique solutions for your business then Presidio's Device as a Service capabilities have you covered. 

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A Unique Device as a Service Solution

Presidio, as an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, in partnership with Jamf, TRUCE and Mosaveo can offer you the most comprehensive iOS Device as a Service solution, all managed by Presidio with one single point of contact for your company.


Our unique offering is modular, so you can decide which solution is best suited to your business.




Device Procurement

Using unique financial solutions, unlock the benefits of residual value in a cost effective monthly model over 24 or 36 months. You can also trade in existing devices to leverage the residual value and invest it into your new 'as a service' model.

Preparation & Staging

Presidio can source, install and activate SIM cards, stage devices, add-on screen protectors and cases and deliver devices to your users. With solutions like Apple Business Manager and MDM users are ready to work with no intervention from IT.

Device Management

As a global Jamf Managed Services Provider, Presidio has all the necessary internal skills and expertise to automate and manage the entire lifecycle and personalisation of your devices. 

Mobile Optimisation

According to Gartner there’s a 25% error rate on mobile bills. In partnership with Mosaveo, we can improve contract negotiations, deliver managed services and install an analytics dashboard to monitor and make changes to your network tariffs.

Worker Safety

With Contextual Mobility Management from TRUCE, you can think situationally about how devices are used in the workplace and then manage that mobility dynamically, adjusting permissions in real time as the employee’s environment changes.

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iPhone - Device as a Service

Leveraging unique financial solutions with Apple Financial Services and high residual values in Apple products, coupled with Presidio’s expertise in deployment, management, services and support will reduce the workload on IT and drive renewed value into your business. 

One affordable monthly price, multiple new benefits. 



Separating hardware & airtime

By separating hardware and airtime you get greater visibility and transparency with your business’s mobile expenditure.


It can also unlock greater savings by having access to itemised costings versus traditional mobile phone contracts.

Presidio Apple Enterprise Support 

As an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, Presidio is the market leader in Apple Deployment, Device Management and Apple support.


Presidio houses a specialised Apple practice team that can guide and support you through your Apple deployment and end user device management for your Apple estate.

Personalised setup and app environment

Beyond the basic company setup, IT can personalise Apple devices and choose the perfect set of apps that will work for each type of user.


Through Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Apple Business Manager (ABM) each Apple device is deployed correctly and managed securely, making sure your staff are getting the most out of their Apple devices.

Modern provisioning and deployment

We offer automatic Apple Business Manager (ABM) enrolment of any Apple devices purchased through Presidio.


By utilising ABM our customers can avail of a zero-touch deployment. Apple devices can be configured automatically without IT’s help, distributed directly to your employees, ready to be used straight out of the box.

Day-Zero Support with Jamf

As Ireland's only Jamf MSP, Presidio can support all of your deployment, workflow and management needs.


Using best in class tools with best practice workflows, Presidio can support enterprises to ensure a consistent end-user experience, while realising and maintaining the organisation's security posture and management goals.

KN partnered with Presidio mainly because of their unique proposition which combines expert skills in managed logistics, sourcing & iOS device life-cycle management with their services DNA, Irish-based network operations centre and service delivery skills.


Presidio could evidence this to us through their US Multinational client base and multiple managed services reference customers."

- John O'Brien, BI & Commercial Manager, KN Group




One monthly fee to completely transform your iOS estate by
significantly reducing costs, improving end user & IT experience,
simplifying management and support,
and increasing the safety and wellbeing of your employees.


Contact us to find out how we can help you manage Apple in Enterprise. Simply fill out the form and one of our experts will get in touch soon.

Why Presidio?

  • > End to End Lifecycle Management
  • > Multi-vendor manage service expertise
  • > Staging & Break/Fix management
  • > Complete infrastructure capabilities
  • > Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller



“With the introduction of remote working, managing and ensuring security of our end user Apple estate proved to be challenging.


Presidio solved challenges such as Deployment, Device Management, Application Management, Inventory Management and Security. Presidio manage this estate for us, allowing our end users a smooth IT experience and the ability to focus on other elements that are important to our business.


Having Presidio as Apple experts, keeping our environment secured and along with the visibility across our environment has been a game changer for our IT operations.”

- Robert Carberry, Head of Operations, Publicis

Device as a Service

Find out more about the benefits of our unique Device as a Service offering by contacting our Apple experts. 

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