IT Procurement

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IT Procurement

Arkphire provides and configures the latest end-user IT products from top manufacturers to improve our customers’ productivity, reduce IT tasks and costs.

Arkphire is the European IT value-added reseller (VAR) of choice for multinational companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and beyond. We supply desktops and workstations to meet the unique demands of our clients to increase productivity, reduce costs and lower environmental impact.

Arkphire has a variety of additional services including asset tagging, imaging of equipment and management of equipment localisation. We also provide extensive configurability options that deliver maximum efficiency, reliability and security. From thin laptops to high-performance workstations, Arkphire’s configuration services ensure systems are built to your specifications and ready to deploy when they arrive.

Arkphire has global capabilities through our strategic manufacturer partnerships to ensure access to IT corporate standards and global pricing, while managing regional nuances and requirements.


  • Highest partnership accreditations with the world’s leading IT manufacturers

  • 15 years providing procurement services in EMEA

  • Dedicated account manager located in each region

  • Providing localised IT products to some the world’s largest multinationals

  • In region inventory holding and management within predefined SLAs

  • International trade compliance, logistics and tax experts

  • International supply chain to deploy international technology

  • Single regional price model

  • Managing 160 different localised machine types (laptops and desktops)

  • Inventory management in our state-of-the-art logistics services centre

“Arkphire is the European IT value-added reseller (VAR) of choice for multinational companies in EMEA.”

  • Reduce clients’ inventory commitments by 80%
  • Allow clients to have a ‘just in time’ model to supply technology products by reducing lead-times to 24/48 hours against forecast
  • Powerful logistics service in Europe – 98% accuracy, 94% order despatched within 24 hours
  • Free up time by staging, localising and deploying IT products
  • Reduce total cost of ownership of procurement and life cycle management process by 15%

Arkphire reduces the need to engage and work with multiple value-added resellers (VARs) in multiple countries by having the correct level of accreditations and logistical breadth to service the region. We omit the need for customers to hold stock to accommodate long manufacturer lead times by managing inventory against forecast.

Arkphire’s commitment to our clients’ internal SLAs allows them to leave internal SLAs in place to provide European internal customers with the same experience as their US counterparts.

Arkphire shipped over 25,000 IT products across the world last year
We offer a range of value-added logistics and supply chain services to over 140 countries
We completed more than 520 customer projects last year

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