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The Challenge

John Paul Construction is at the forefront of the construction industry, building exceptional commercial, residential and industrial buildings and infrastructure all over the world.

At its main sites in Ireland and the UK it employs 340 people but at any given time, hundreds more employees could be working on sites around the globe. Renowned for its precision and attention to detail, John Paul Construction’s success is built on collaboration and teamwork. Its challenge was to facilitate that collaboration through a reliable communications network.    

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is just one of the areas where John Paul Construction excels. Its use of BIM tools was recently recognised at the 2019 Irish Construction Excellence Awards where it was awarded the top prize in the BIM Excellence category for its work on 1-6 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay. Here, it created a collaborative working environment where multiple parties were able to work together efficiently.

The Solution

Underpinning its use of BIM and other collaboration tools, as well as essential communications links at its remote sites is Cisco Meraki. Arkphire engineers developed a Cisco Meraki-based infrastructure specifically for temporary sites.

These temporary sites can be in use for anything from six months to three years and need to be set up quickly. Fully equipping these sites with the necessary network is critical to John Paul Construction hitting the ground running on its projects and keeping to tight deadlines.

The team at Arkphire jumped into action straight away. They had a realistic conversation with us to determine our business needs and then designed, built and rolled out a solution that met those requirements. within three months. The end result was seamless and can be implemented at every new site quickly and easily,”

– Jim McDonnell, IT Manager, John Paul Construction

The Outcome

Along with enabling a collaborative environment, the Cisco Meraki infrastructure has helped John Paul Construction to gain more visibility and control over the network through a single centralised dashboard.

We’ve gained significant benefits such as increased control, cost savings and rapid implementation, while at the same time we’re not compromising on security. The Meraki solution is secure by design and allows us to ensure critical safety measures.”

In addition to managing John Paul Construction’s remote networks, Arkphire also maintains its security infrastructure as well as its local and wide area networks extending into Nexus for the local data centre requirement. For Jim, the Arkphire approach is impressive because the team get the maximum value out of the construction firm’s existing equipment.

They only replace equipment when they need to. Their expertise allows them to get the most out of our assets, and in this competitive industry that ethos is a distinct advantage.”

Jim relies on the expertise of the Arkphire engineers who, he says, operate as part of the John Paul Construction team.

They know our business so well and are constantly looking out for ways to improve our efficiencies through the use of technology. And when they engage in projects, they do so with the end user in mind, which makes sure that any solution is easy to use. Their values very much align with our own, which is why they make the perfect strategic partner.”

What we do for John Paul Construction

  • Cisco LAN and WAN services

  • Cisco Meraki for remote Citrix access from roughly 300 remote employees working from temporary construction sites

  • Proactive support and advice on renewals and end-of-life network components

  • Cisco ASA5500 HA firewalls with Firepower IPS services

  • Responsive, account managed relationship including 24x7x4 maintenance/support

Benefits at a glance

  • Cisco Meraki support means John Paul Construction’s remote network is agile and secure by design

  • Quick and seamless implementation of infrastructure for remote, temporary sites

  • Intuitive firewall and network upgrades maximise existing equipment for increased value to risk ratio

  • Continuous reviews ensure equipment functionality and proactively highlight any points of weakness

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