IT Procurement Case Study

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The Challenge

A fast-growing Silicon Valley company was making its first entry into Europe via Ireland, and it needed a local partner to source key components for its new European point of presence. Researching its options, the company came across Arkphire, which holds HP Platinum Partner status.

The companies agreed to work together, and Arkphire provided the equipment that allowed the organisation to build out some of its very first infrastructure outside the US.

That engagement was more than a decade ago. Today, this startup has become one of the world’s best-known brands and has increased its European workforce from fewer than a dozen to more than 20,000 people right across the region.

The scope, complexity and criticality of its technology needs has increased exponentially, due to factors including multiple languages and geographies, and the highly specific needs of its workforce, who are among the industry’s best paid and most sought-after.

That initial relationship with Arkphire has proved essential to help navigate these challenges and continue to support the company’s continued growth.

The Response

All along this growth path, Arkphire has been the company’s partner, specialising chiefly in meeting the desktop technology needs of the company’s staff, across all territories outside of the US.

Arkphire commits to delivering the exact technology requirements that each staff member needs, within a guaranteed service level agreement, customised to the employees’ needs: a French national may be working in a UK office, for example, and prefer a keyboard with a French configuration for ease-of-use and better productivity.

Arkphire also works with the company to ensure that its locations — many of which are in expensive city-centre real estate where space is at a premium – hold only the minimum of desktop technology needed. Arkphire procures and stores additional inventory in its own warehouses, delivering and charging the company only as equipment is required.

For improved simplicity, the company has also asked Arkphire to take over direct management of procurement contracts it had previously managed itself in-house, including Apple.

Like many multinationals,  the organisation occupies expensive central real estate where space is precious. They hold the minimum stock on-site to meet the immediate needs and we manage the rest. Arkphire ensures they never run out of equipment, but nor do they need to tie up space or investment in inventory that’s not needed now.

-Brid Graham, Head of Product Procurement Business, Arkphire

The Results

The IT product procurement service that the company has agreed with Arkphire has directly supported its extremely fast growth trajectory across multiple territories.

Just-in-time delivery of desktop technology minimises both the financial investment and the on-site storage space the company must commit to inventory.

All technology delivery by Arkphire is covered by a guaranteed Service Level Agreement, allowing the company’s internal IT Asset Management team to ensure it meets its own promises to the organisation and its valuable end users.

Arkphire also continues to innovate in its delivery of IT product procurement services as the company moves into new territories, where supply chains and logistics are highly challenging.

Arkphire takes responsibility in each territory for importing, delivering and setting up the technology in each new office, so the company can be confident of maximum productivity with minimum delay.

Benefits at a glance

  • knowledgeable, on-the-ground partner in Europe

  • experienced Account Manager as a single point of contact and accountability for all technology

  • one source for solutions from all major vendors including Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft

  • customised end-user technology across all languages and territories

  • supports employee choice and productivity among a highly valuable workforce

  • space and cost savings from buying and holding minimal inventory on-site

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