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Trade-in your old tech for less

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As IT specialists, we know that organisations simply cannot afford to have crucial funds tied up in ageing technology. This is why we developed a simple solution to help you unlock this value and continue to keep your tech up to date. 


Through our innovative technology trade-in programme, never again will your old technology go to waste or hold your business back financially. Your employees will enjoy using the very latest Apple technology to further your success.




Why Device Lifecycle Management?




78% of millennials say using tech they like makes them more productive


Strong residual value
of Apple products


3 out of 4 choose Apple when given the choice of technology at work



Keep pace with new technologies and new business needs




Employee Choice
increases innovation and job satisfaction





Exchange old or used IT equipment for new employee devices


How much is your tech worth? 




MacBook Pro


MacBook Pro 14"
MacBook Pro 16"





MacBook Pro 16- MacBook Pro 14- M2 Chip


MacBook Air M2 Chip



MacBook Air


36 months Unit Price Monthly cost Saving per device Saving on 100 devices
MacBook Air 13" €1,152 €27.45 €163.80 €16,380







iPhone 14 / 14 Pro / 14 Plus


24 months Unit Price Monthly cost Saving per device Saving on 100 devices
iPhone 14 Pro €1,054 €35.30 €206.80 €20,680
iPhone 14 Plus €845 €28.32 €165.99 €16,599
iPhone 14  €809/99 €27.13 €158.87 €15,887






Apple iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 -1-1


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The Benefits

Using Presidio's Device Lifecycle Management solution, you can save money on the deployment of new technology, and create a natural refresh cycle, keeping your tech up to date. You can even use the credit from the value of your old tech to subsidise the cost on your new devices.

Single Payment

for all hardware & accessories

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

by utilising Apple high residual value


allows you to recieve credit for your old device, which can help offset the cost of a new one 

Improve cashflow

by spreading the costs of assets & support over time
Keep IT equipment up to date with minimal disruption

Improved staff satisfaction & retention through device Employee Choice 

How we helped facilitate collaboration and teamwork for John Paul Construction

"The team at Arkphire jumped into action straight away. They had a realistic conversation with us to determine our business needs and then designed, built and rolled out a solution that met those requirements, within three months. The end result was seamless and can be implemented at every new site quickly and easily"
Jim McDonnell, IT Manager, John Paul Construction
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