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Arkphire’s IT Infrastructure solutions uses the latest technologies to advance the business goals of our customers. All infrastructure solution work is carried out by fully accredited technical professionals.

Arkphire’s IT infrastructure solutions include:

  • Virtual infrastructure and services.
  • Private, public and hybrid cloud.
  • Networked storage (SAN, NAS, iSCCSI, CAS).
  • Infrastructure assessment, design, implementation and support.
  • Email management, including content filtering, high availability and compliance.
  • Back up and recovery, as well as archiving and de-duplication.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.
  • Security and compliance.

Nowadays, there are two major challenges facing businesses – adapting to the speed of business change, and being able to put new business products and services into the market in a cost-effective manner. At the same time, driving out cost and adapting to market opportunities as quickly as possible remains a high priority.From an IT infrastructure solutions point of view, technology, which has evolved over time instead of being planned from the outset, can become unwieldy. It can hold back a company’s ability to embrace or adapt to change. Instead of helping, it can actually become a hindrance.

This is why Arkphire thinks that cloud technology is so important. It gives companies the ability to turn on and off their products, services and storage as they need them. This puts them in the position to react to opportunities in the market extremely quickly.

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