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Looking to the future

It is obvious that companies are changing or need to change their business model but the ridged structures that have been the backbone of IT for numerous years are now potentially inhibiting this change.

With the lack on capital investment in IT over the past 5-7 years companies’ IT departments have become accustomed to managing what they have without much change. This has a significant knock on effect. Realisation & Retention of the investment in their people – IT staff realise that they have developed skills on paper that they are not getting to use within their environment as they are spending the majority of their day looking into the server room rather than looking out at the business. They have made themselves more valuable on the market at the same time as their jobs have become more mundane. This opens the door for movement and loss on the investment.

The same IT staff have now been moved into a predominantly Operations/fire fighting mode and have no experience of how other companies are deploying technology to aid in development of new business models. Arkphire provide our clients with both the highly skilled individuals, but when this is coupled with the experience of being the IT department for multiple clients their knowledge and industry experience is much broader than any in house IT department can hope to obtain.

Our open book pricing and continuous improvement model has been received extremely well by our clients. Our Service Delivery team has one task – provide a client with a better service at a cheaper price than last year. We have managed to implement this so successfully that in once instance we reduced the cost of the contract by 30% while expanding the service from just Service Desk into Service Desk and full Infrastructure Management.

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